All the roads lead to.. Barcelona

Here it is, the day when I am coming back to the place where it all started, Barcelona. Only for two weeks , unfortunately, but it´s always wonderful to see these people, streets and buildings again. It´s like a massive memory hub for me.

I am absolutely excited about all the mojitos I will have, all the salsa dances and late walks on the beach, but also about the kilometers I´ll run. After the last half-marathon I was happy that I managed to complete it in a very difficult conditions, but also frustrated. I didn´t know what happened, I´ve been running as much as in February, before Barcelona Mitja Marató, but the result was much worse. Then I realized, that living in Barna I was riding a bike, 20k, every day. Genius! So to strengthen my legs and obtain better results, I signed up for the gym, the most hated place in the world for me! However, it´s working! The last 5k I ran within 29, instead of 32-34minutes.. (Of course I thought I would spit my lungs out after all). In the end the vision of me eating EVERYTHING I want after a solid workout has never been so motivating! 😉

So here I am now, packing the rest of the running clothes, smiling while thinking about running by the sea surrounded by hundreds of others sharing the same passion, wondering if joining the community of sweaty, muscular, bald guys with tattoos on their calf was a good idea..

If you´re from Poland, where last night the temperature dropped to 6 degrees, please don´t hate me: this is the view I´ll see tomorrow! #nofilter!

Un beso!

My fav route, 7AM5k

New year, new goals..

New academic year, just to be clear.. I must say I am pretty surprised that I came back to Poland.. Who would like to leave sunny Barcelona and come back to finish study after 2 years break? This city is a heaven on earth, especially for runners. I remember, when I first arrived to Barcelona in 2012 and decided to go for a run along the beach. My first thought was: how popular running became! I live, let´s say, on the suburbs of Poznan. It´s a very safe district full of night runners, but what I saw in Barceloneta about 7pm was just too much!! There is this custom we have in Poland that every time we see a runner we wave our hand and say ¨hi¨. ¨How am I gonna do this here?¨, I thought.. About 70% of people on the beach were running! The problem was solved after 10min.. Running in August in a temperature of 30 degrees was normal for them, for me not. I could hardly breathe, let alone shouting¨hi¨, so I´ve decided to shut up and make sure that I was still breathing.

Barcelona has always had a special place in my heart, also because I had my running debut here, on Barcelona Mitja Marató. Run was quite bearable thanks to by boyfriend following me on his longboard, the best support ever I must say!

A month later we had my boyfriends´ sister and her husband visiting us. Nick ( was running a Zurich Marathon and completed the run with the amazing result. Looking at those people (70 000 runners if I´m not mistaken) and thousands of others cheering them up. Seeing them completing 42k run I´ve decided I want to do it one day..

So here is the dream: 5 months and 27 days to get ready. Of course, 42km requires a solid training. I think I can forget about choosing beer over running and telling myself ¨Don´t worry, you can do this, you still have a month to go¨ like I did last time. To everyone interested in joining:

Before that few other half-marathons starting on 19th of October with IV Samsung Half-Marathon and 10k run to celebrate the Independence Day on 11th of Nov (only 1500 runners allowed)! I guess I can finally call it my, well.. passion? 🙂

Barcelona Mitja Mataró best moments, including beating the world record by a Kenyan girl!

In Pila really was like in Chile!

Ok, so I just got back home. Mission: 21k, completed. What can I say about 24. Philips Half-Marathon? September in Poland can be really hot!

Together with my family and our friends we gathered in my hometown, shitting our pants with excitement (some of us literally!). As always I dreamed about winning and beating Kenyans but well.. like I sad, I wasn´t 100% prepared, you understand..  I had to promise my mom hundred times that if I feel bad, I´ll resign immediately, as couple of days ago one of our family members passed away at the very young age. OK, knowing that running such a long distance is not the easiest thing to do, I´ve decided to take my time and run with my ¨conversational pace¨. Quickly I realized how slowly I was running, but hey! It´s not a competition unless you are from Kenya or Ethiopia! And well, despite this, after 10km I wanted to die, seriously! I don´t remember the last time the day was so hot. We started at 11am and the temperature was reaching 28 degrees, not to mention there was no shadow and hot asphalt reflecting the rays of sun wasn´t making it any easier. ¨Just do it!¨ I said to myself and.. I walked.. about 5km. Well, I planned not to stop, but if my dad does stop, it means it is a hardcore. While running I was thinking: ¨now it´s 21km, if I´m planning to complete a triathlon, I would have to do so much more! This is madness!¨ So I´ve decided to become an Iron Woman in my next life!  

Every 5km we could get something to drink. Not only I drank it, but also I asked people to spill all the water they had all over me, thanks to this not only am exhausted, but nicely tanned! Crossing the finish line, again getting very emotional I didn´t know what to do first: cry, lie on the floor or drink all the water from the river nearby.

So ok, could have done this better, but still I got  a medal, even with unofficial time 2h42min!

I seriously recommend events like this; the atmosphere was amazing! Audience really did their job and the doctors were ready to help any time!

I recommend it, so you could find out how a beer can taste after such a workout!



image (11)image (13)image (14)Screenshot

¨Move your ass and do something useful!¨

Yep.. My parents have been telling me this stuff since I got back to Poland after two years I spent in Spain. As I wasn´t in a very good shape when I arrived, bed and ¨Desperate Housewives¨ became my best friends. And cider, lots of cider.

In August 2013 my boyfriend infected me with love for running and I shyly hope that I might have become an inspiration for my dad, who also started running. Me, to eat more, he to be fit (and to be honest, I would be over the moon if I had such a good condition as he does at his age! )

So yes, I became a pathetic, miserable person, claiming to be a runner, while I haven´t been running for ages. Hearing ¨Move your ass and do something useful!¨ hundred times I finally got pissed and signed up for the Philips Half-Marathon in my hometown – Pila, promising myself I´ll prepare myself and try to complete it in less then 2h.

Here I am, two months later. We have decided to build a team and represent my dad´s company! As we have three days to run, it´s time to face the truth; not only am I not ready, but also I have some serious doubts if I want to humiliate my dad, his company and well.. myself! Hoping it won´t end up with a heart attack or a trip in this famous little bus taking all the runners who were not able to make it to the finish line, tomorrow in the morning I´m going for my last run (17km) before the big event.

And as I am known for making crazy choices I´m really looking forward to running representing DElighting company together with my dad and lots of our friends and great runners. There is a song that goes ¨W Pile bylo jak w Chile, kazdy mial czerwone rylo..¨ (¨In Pila was like in Chile, everyone had a red face¨), to everyone who wants to find out it it´s true, feel invited to join us on Sunday 7th at 11Am!