Shit just got serious!

Shit got serious.. Seriously.. Temperature dropped to -4 degrees, it’s absolutely freezing cold! Still, there are people running outside. What can we do, we have 6 days left to the Santa Claus 10k Run on 6th and 7th of December. Going to the gym is always an option but due to some changes in my life, I didn’t really have time to focus on training. I am finally leaving my parents’ nest and moving out. That’s the plan at least. Last 3 weeks I spent on doing the flat research, calling people and driving from one place to another, viewing flats. However, knowing me, even not really well prepared, I will complete both runs with the same results as always. What’s more, I am pretty sure that if next Saturday temperature drops more or stays as it is now, it will be obvious that I will run like a crazy just to get my medal and find a hot spot with a cup of tea or wine!

Anyway, changing the subject: I saw that recently my blog became more popular, I can see that lots of people follow it everyday. However, I didn’t expect any of my friends to look at it regularly. I was really pleased, when one of my friends who I haven’t seen for more that 2 years came to me at the last party and said: “Olga, thanks to you and your blog I started running! I run 4 km now”. It was so nice to hear that people actually enjoy reading my posts, that it affects them in a way. So for this – thank you very much! This blog was supposed to be my own way of expressing emotions when I wasn’t in a really good shape, to keep me busy somehow. I didn’t expect to get any feedback, not to mention such a positive one! So thanks a lot!

Below you can find a short video from the last run I participated

“Freedom: I understand and love…”

These are words of one of the Polish songs. I had these words in my head all day long on 11th of November. Why? Exactly on 11th of November 1918 Poland, after 123 years of not existing on the map of the world, got the independence back. Most of the young people (not saying that all of them!) do not really care or celebrate. I used to be like this. We live in 21st century, can have everything, can do whatever we want. People 96 years ago couldn’t say the same. It’s funny how living abroad can change your point of view, how living in a different country can kind of attach you to your own fatherland. This happened to me, so this year we decided to show how grateful we are. We joined the IV Independence Run in a small town next to Poznań. The run was quite exclusive, as only 1500 runners could sign in. My dad and I managed to join this group and on 11th of Nov, at exactly 11:11 we stood up to sing the national anthem. Funny when you realize that out of four verses, most of the people know one, maybe two and when you turn around, you can see them just moving their mouth in silence. This 10k run was amazing, not too cold, sunny, brilliant atmosphere and hundreds of people with Polish flags and t-shirt with an eagle – our symbol. We even saw people dressed up as the freedom fighters!

And as you may have already noticed, I find it quite hard to go for a run if I don’t have a next goal to achieve, so: 6th of December – here we call it St. Nicolas day. Kids love it because they get presents and girls feel like it’s high time to finally watch “Love Actually”. I will.. well, run. 10k on 6th, by the lake in the forest. 800 runners dressed up as Santa Claus, and 7th of Dec by the lake in the city center, surrounded by 1000 runners. Looks like it will be a intense weekend, but if it’s a charity run how can you say no? Plus, after so many burned calories, I am sure I could have a glass of mulled wine. Or three. I am especially excited as I will run not only with my father but with one of my friends, who decided to start running with me. Ho ho ho!

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New York, New York..

I admire people, who run marathons. I admire them because I know how long it takes to get ready for the half marathon and I honestly cannot imagine running 21k more..Not to mention Ironman..

However, I have a friend. A month ago he completed his first marathon in Poznan. He decided to do this few months before. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, few months it’s not that long for someone who is not very experienced. But he was running almost every day: in the sun, in the rain and he did it. And he made our jaws drop..

Another interesting thing is that few days ago I saw an article on Facebook. To my surprise, it was about my junior high school geography teacher. A man who we used to call “jar” – I think that’s because of his body shape, not sure thou.. This man, as one of the few, completed all 36 editions of Warsaw Marathon! And now I read that this chubby man made his biggest dream come true – he completed the 44. New York Marathon on 11/02/2014! At the age of 63 after 40 years of running! Another person who can be a real inspiration.

So I was thinking how can I celebrate my 25th birthday in March 2015 and I decided that the best way would be going to New York and completing the United Airlines NYC Half. I checked the qualifying time standards I’d have to meet and it turned out that women in my age category have to complete the run within 1:30h… How surprised I was when I saw that people who usually complete the run with my result belong to age category 75-79… (Women of course, because there is no such category for men…).

So my question is: if you are not a professional runner, is it just a matter of being consequent and training or some extra running skills some people have..? Because running across the Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square sounds very tempting, I can’t deny..